About myself

I am currently a scientist in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin at the Living Environments Lab. Previously I studied at the Wearable Computer Lab in Adelaide, Australia and Computer Visualistics in Koblenz, Germany.

Updates to the site

September 2016

Added section about my wargame projects and related files.

July 2016

Overdue update. Added more recent projects and a list of my publications.

October 2015

Cleaned up the research section, added recent projects

April 2014

My new website should be ready right in time for spring cleaning. All handcrafted html and css, however most of the content is copy-pasted from the old website. I cannot/do not want to use the program I used to make the website and opted for the cheaper/multi-platform solution of rewriting it by hand.

September 2013

Wrote about my latest project, a software rasterisation pipeline.

August 2013

Some badly needed updates ... Updated the research page with my previous research projects.

April 2012

  • Added a new article about dynamic environment cube maps in OpenGL
  • And some more pictures
  • Changed the default page width to be variable
  • Added some code and more information about the Arduino DCS project
  • Changed the theme
  • Some new project about electronics simulation in flight simulations.

February 2012

  • Wrote about my new research direction -- view-dependent rendering in SAR
  • Finally uploaded some pictures of the spectral rendering test application
  • Added a bit about the IFR project
  • No new private projects, work kept me busy and I have a dozen or so abandoned code ruins lying around. Maybe I’ll salvage one in due time.
  • Removed link to git repository. Nothing new/interesting there ...

December 2011

  • Added photos from hiking trip to Katoomba
  • Added new photos of the japan trip
  • Updated publications

September 2011

  • Added a section about spectral realtime rendering
  • Added professional experience stuff (lest I forget it on my CV)
  • Added Volume Renderer

May 11th, 2011

Added photos of the finished seat to the aces project

May 11th, 2011

  • Added update/changelog page
  • Started writing on the progress of my Arduino/DCS project
  • Wrote a bit and added photos of my current research project
  • Added Handbook of Augmented Reality to publications