Project ACES II (light)


The original design is derived from Martin Schmitt’s F-16 light seat. The plans and images are released as creative commons, that is they are all free to use and to modify as long as you don’t sell them. Download them here as a Sketchup file.

Creative Commons License
ACES II Plans by Markus Broecker are license under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Construction Progress

The whole construction is done only with 12 and 9 mm MDF to save costs, weight and make the construction easier. I still had some 2000x300x12 MDF lying around from the arcade project, so I used that as well. The total bill for materials was around 120$, with paint being the biggest item of 40$. Construction time so far was two afternoons, but some minor modifications will follow - like the control stick mount.


This has been a fun project and the seat survived a couple of moves in Australia. However when we left it was time to give it away. I thought nobody was interested in such a toy. Was I wrong. We put it up on gumtree to give away for free and within an hour had more than a hundred views. I finally gave it to a dad of two kids and while I did not get any money I had the feeling this seat made his day :)